We first discovered this structure during a walk in 2009, and it was love at first sight.

Foto della struttura prima dei lavori

The facility is composed by a main building and a wide warehouse and it was built in 1920, in order to serve the loading dock which still fuels the Champagne 1 hydroelectric power station, in Villeneuve.

Before being abandoned for almost 40 years, until the ‘70s, the main building hosted the keepers of the dock, as well as its maintenance staff. Considering its dimensions, we thought that acquiring the property of the site was something that had to be done with other people. This is where the idea of the “Station” was born. We started to work on the main building in 2011 and we finished it in the autumn of 2013. From November 2016 to the summer of 2017 we demolished the old warehouse at the entrance of the site, replacing it with the new building which serves now as meeting room and holiday apartment.