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Stazione (“Station”) because it is a stopping and meeting place. Dell’Acqua (“of the Water”) because it is located in the village of Introd (“entre-eaux” or “between the waters”) at the meeting of two mountain streams, and because its original function was as custodian’s lodge to a small hydroelectric water reservoir. We wish to cater for the contemporary need of many people to get away from the noise, “information overload”, bright lights and crowds of everyday life… in order to rediscover the beauty of the scents and sounds of nature, of reading a good book, having pleasant conversations and meeting other people in a tranquil but enjoyable context. Children are welcome at La Stazione; given the intimate layout of the house and in order to ensure a peaceful stay for our guests, we ask for quiet in the common areas and during the hours of rest.

The Project




The house, built in 1923, was originally the dwelling of the custodians of the nearby hydroelectric reservoir (still in operation) and was lived in up to the end of the 1970s. Originally the building had two storeys, a basement and an attic. The renovation work was planned and designed by the architect Luca Distort.




In our wellness area you will find a space to relax thanks to a sauna with color therapy, sauna access is an additional service.



La Stazione dell’Acqua is:

18 Km from the cablecar to the Pila Ski Resort.
15 Km from the new ski resort of  Rhêmes Notre Dame.
12 Km from the cross-country skiing facilities at Valsavarenche.

We are just beside the Gran Paradiso National Park which offers snow shoe trekking in Valsavarenche and Val di Rhêmes



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We are within a short distance of the sites of natural and  cultural interest managed by the Fondation Grand Paradis.

We are also close to the Castles of Introd, Sarre and Sarriod de la Tour.