The Station offers the best conditions for some days of healthy and regenerating leisure time, but there are also many things to do: just read below…

The Balteo Walk

The Station is located near the “Balteo Walk”: walking along it is an opportunity that you must not miss.

“The “Balteo Walk” is a route which develops itself along old paths and mule tracks. It crosses the central valley of the region, before going up the lateral valleys at moderate altitudes.
Along this walk you can see villages, bridges, chapels, churches, sanctuaries, towers and castles, as well as old and fascinating channels. It also crosses the Roman road, one of the most important routes of all times.
This “Low Way” can be visited during almost any time of the year, and it crosses the areas which have been marked the most by the millenary presence of Man, offering amazing insights of history, art and traditions.”

Walks at “La Stazione”

It is possible to walk and discover the woods that surround the Station without using the car.
These paths cross the old network of country roads, which is one of the main features of the Gran Paradiso National Park.
The itineraries are very different in length and altitude. In Mont Paillasse (m 2.415) it is easy to encounter steinbocks.
Many of these routes can be visited until late November and then again starting from April. During the winter, they are the ideal place for a walk with snowshoes.

Gran Paradiso National Park

We are located in a strategic position to enter 2 of the GPNP valleys: the Rhêmes Valley and the Valsavarenche. By car, it is possible to get to Cogne in 40 minutes.
We can suggest you the best possible destinations, according to your expectations.

The High Valley

Within 40 / 50 minutes by car, it is possible to get to all the most interesting destinations of the High Valley: the Ferret Valley, the Venis Valley, Courmayeur, La Thuile, Saint Nicolas, the Saint Marcel mines…
The list of places to visit is very long, but of course we can recommend the best possible solutions for each one of you.

Aosta and the Castles

If it is a rainy day and you are tired of walking … we invite you to visit the Roman and megalithic Aosta: you are going to be amazed by its beauty.
Then there are the castles: Introd, Saint Pierre and Sarriod de la Tour, Sarre, Aymavilles, Fenis… and, going a little bit further, the wonderful Fort Bard.


You do not need to have great muscles, breath or an acrobat’s balance in order to walk the broad network of unsurfaced roads that develops around the Station.
Of course, only if you have an assisted bike available. You should try it, at least once.


Cross-country skiing is the ideal activity for our guest, since there is the possibility to ski in different locations every day, such as Rhêmes, Pont and Cogne.
Ski plants are not far from the Station: for example Pila.
We also suggest you a wonderful family resort: the renewed Rhêmes Notre Dame resort.

Various activities

There is a lot of them!
Here, we mention only the most chosen destinations by our guests: the Pré-Saint-Didier thermal baths, the SkyWay, the Introd Parc Animalier…
Someone has also tried rafting (Villeneuve and Morgex), while others have even flown in a hot-air balloon!